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house rules


This home has preserved the structure traditional of a 300+ year old home, which includes areas with stone stairs and thus is not suitable for families with children under 6 years of age or for those with limited mobility. 


Dogs allowed upon request. 


Only weekly rentals (Sat - Sat).


Final cleaning and damage deposit required.


Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire house. Also, the use of open 
fire is strictly forbidden. May-September poses the highest risk of fire 
danger in the Cevennes, thus grilling is only allowed in the courtyard. 
Under no circumstances is it allowed on the terraces. 


We offer a chlorine free pool. Please note that kids under the ages of 16 
and under 1.40 meters tall are not allowed in the pool area without adult
supervision. The use of the pool is at your own risk. We cannot be held 
liable for accidents that occur in the pool area. We ask that you use 
extreme caution when walking on the stone deck to prevent a fall. To clean 
the pool, the netted skimmer may be used. The pool pump house is locked and 
should be opened only by the home caretaker. Please be especially sure 
children stay away from the pump house because dangerous chemicals are 
stored inside.


Please heat the fireplaces in the lounge and dining area only when needed. 
The ashes do not need to be removed. Please ensure the doors to the 
fireplaces are always locked. These fireplaces get very hot and the doors 
should only be opened with the protective gloves provided so that you don't 
burn yourself. In an emergency situation, you will find a fire extinguisher
in each of the fireplace rooms. Please familiarize yourself with their 
location. Also, both rooms are equipped with smoke detectors. If a false 
alarm occurs, please push the button on the alarm to stop it. 


Approximately 200 m from the house, you will find four marked parking spaces 
for your cars. Please only use these spaces. Of course, for loading and 
unloading your car you may temporarily park in front of the main gate. 


Our house is equipped with modern internet, TV and satellite equipment. It offers Wi-Fi throughout the entire house as well as international television and radio programs. Please do not change any programming on the equipment or remotes. We also ask that you leave the volume at a level considerate to the neighbors. After 10:00 pm music should not be played outside the house. Please remember and respect that you are in a nature reserve.
The kitchen is equipped with an induction stove top and a 2-burner gas stove. Please only use appropriate pots and pans for the induction oven. 
If the propane tank for the gas stove becomes empty, please contact the caretaker. Please 
do not change the tank on your own. 
After every use of the stove and oven, please clean them appropriately. 


In the basement, you will find a washer and dryer. Both are common models 
and very simple to use. 


But the most important house rule is ... ENJOY A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY :)

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